Multimedia Production

You flew by way to fast Fall Semester.

This is a snapshot of my very first blog post. I named it "It’s the questions you asked and the best educated guesses I could give you" . This class has been nothing but fun for me and I always enjoy coming to class and learning from Dr. Landreville. What are some production skills/concepts that… Continue reading You flew by way to fast Fall Semester.

We fought hard and came up short

For this assignment I video taped the National Invitational Volleyball Championships (NIVC). This tournament was big for the volleyball program because this is the first time the volleyball team was in a post-season tournament. For this assignment I decided to use the Journalistic approach. I chose this approach because I wanted the tournament to speak… Continue reading We fought hard and came up short

It’s just not the same

Raw File Final File The interviewing experience was like every other interview I have done. I had a pre-discussion with Rachel and explained how things would work and how things would flow. She liked that we talked about her topic and had a crash course in the interview. We practiced once and she… Continue reading It’s just not the same